(3) Petrichor, explores the chemical phenomena behind the smell of rain (ISBN 978-0-9563181-1-4). View. Info.
(1) 22'15"
A Four Movement Composition

22’15” is a proposal for an alternative model to document movement in space. The structure of the model ignores conventional cartographic principles such as scale, direction or topographic detail adopting instead a topological approach based on the concept that spatial experiences are affected by the sense of time. The model is based on a 7-inch vinyl and can be played on a record player to mimic the exact duration of the journey.

ISBN 978-0-9563181-0-7
Published: 2009
Concept & Design: Joao Carrilho
Foil-blocking & Binding: Joao Carrilho
Paper: G.F. Smith
Font: Times New Roman, Frutiger
Edition: 200

(2) Palpable
Nº 1 – Deodor

The current use of perfume may be seen to have a basis in the need to mask the odour that reminds us of our organic nature and its inherent decaying processes. Through an interweaving of anatomy and botany, Deodor illustrates our requirement to smell of something else other than of being human.

ISSN 1755-5795
Published: 2010
Curation: Joao Carrilho
Contributors: Joao Carrilho, Claudio Pestana, Fredrik von Blixen, Sofia Baptista, Patrick Nyman, Alexandra Tugolukova.
Foil-blocking & Binding: Joao Carrilho
Offset Printing: Aldgate Press (UK)
Microencapsulation: Print-A-Scent (US)
Paper: G.F. Smith
Font: Frutiger
Edition: 200

(3) Petrichor
The scent often associated with rain appears to be caused by chemical reactions that take place at ground level. During dry spells airborne mineral particles, volatile oils exuded from plants, spores produced by actinomycetes bacteria are deposited on the surface of rocks and clay-based soils. When it rains water droplets stir the soil exposing the aromatic particles. Chemicals present in the rain water then react with the particles releasing them into the air. The book contains four perfume vials and smell strips presented in a handbound displaying case.

ISBN 978-0-9563181-1-4
Published: 2012
Concept & Design: Joao Carrilho
Foil-blocking & Binding: Joao Carrilho
Fragrances: Demeter Library (US)
Perfume Vials: Thanet Ltd. (UK)
Paper: G.F. Smith
Font: Raisonné
Edition: 50

Designer and educator based in London working in art direction, publishing, web development, and product design.

I'm also an Associate Lecturer in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins.

The books here archived are the result of my research into sensory ways of reading. In my publishing work I explore book formats, materials, printing techniques, and display strategies. Most of the work is produced in my studio combining traditional bookbinding methods with modern technology.

The books have been distributed worldwide by Printed Matter (US), Vacant (JP), London Art Book Shop (UK), and have been exhibited in London, Tokyo, New York, and Rotterdam. I'm currently working on a new book to be published in 2017.

If you would like more information, to order books, or to discuss collaborations, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Design & Coding: Joao Carrilho
Font: Sporting Grotesque